selfish pompousness

selfish pompousness
a gaze into morrow

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

poem-translation of ardhanagnam-by mohanakrishnan kaladi

half nakedness


(daddy,who's this gandhi?
he's a fellow
shot dead by our godse.)

don't be at your freakish whims
that you can please us
with the half nakedness.
we know.
fasting of a single man
won't bring freedom to nation.
however long one spins a loom
he can't knit the flag of a state.
a pinch of salt can't satisfy hunger.
easwar and allah never belong
to a single party.
even before you could
we had known that
if one shows the other cheek,
the bullet will be piercing the bossom.

not your notes of silence
can be put in the ballot box.
hand over the bamboo stick
to the guards on sentry
or else,
you won't be let in the house*

whatever may be
your statues are to conserve
for,we called you
"father" once.

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